Evening Group Lessons

Evening Group LessonsLearning Spanish as part of a group is a fun, interesting experience. Our groups are small which means that you’ll have a chance to talk in every lesson, and that the teacher is going to be able to monitor your progress closely. Evening Group Courses take place at the Williamstown Presbyterian Church Hall.
There are different levels for you to join:

If you have no previous experience in Spanish, this is the course for you. Starting from the very basics, you will learn several communication skills, such as introducing yourself and other people, ordering at a bar or restaurant, spelling, asking what a certain word means and how to say and write Spanish words, etc.


If you do have some experience in Spanish but your level is still quite basic and you are looking to improve your Spanish, Elementary is the level you should join. We skip the basic numbers, presentations, etc, and go on to more complex situations, building up vocabulary and fluency on the way. Units include talking about your family and asking others about theirs, buying at a shop, talking about your likes and dislikes.


You can communicate in Spanish in most situations, and you can speak in the present tense at ease. You might get into trouble when speaking about the past or your hopes and dreams, and this is what this course is about. We will build a good vocabulary while exploring the differences between Preterite and Imperfect, and begin to understand the Subjunctive.


You can communicate fluently in Spanish, and although you might make a mistake here and there, you make complex ideas understood. In the classes we’ll explore different topics, debating issues while getting to know Hispanic and Latin American everyday life, visual art, literature, music, cinema, as well as economic and political news. A course to keep your Spanish alive, and to learn a bit more about the culture.

If you’re still unsure of what level you are, please give us a call or send us an email and we’ll either send you a Level Test for you to complete or make an appointment for a free assessment.

Course Material
The material is provided for all the levels.

The lessons are organized in 10 week courses and they’re 1.5hs long. The price for the entire course is $200.

To join our classes, contact Gaby on gabyheinz@gmail.com


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